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Political Science and Public Policy

Canadian Policy Research Networks
CPRN, an independent, non-profit organization, operated four research networks - in the areas of Family, Health, Public Involvement, and Work. Their archive of research materials is available on this website.

Canadian Politics and Society Bibliography (CPOL)
Compiled at the Library of the University of British Columbia. Designed to provide a starting point for research in Canadian government and politics. For access to the database, follow the "Online Access" instructions. Coverage: 1929-1996 and 2000-2003.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada - The Department in History
The Department in History section offers the full text of departmental documents, information on the history of Canada's international relations and of the Department including ministers, deputy ministers, and diplomats. A large portion of departmental documents including Statements and Speeches have been digitized and available in an online portal.

Library and Archives Canada - Politics and Government
This page offers a selection of Library and Archives Canada resources on the topic of politics and government.

Parliamentary Democracy - Inter-Parliamentary Union
Provides information on national parliaments; links to parliamentary websites; access to PARLIT, a bibliographic database on the role, structure and working methods of national parliaments, on electoral systems, constitutional law, history and political science; and access to the Women in Politics bibliographic database.

Policy Horizons Canada
Provides access to policy related research from the federal government.
Database of online public policy research publications, as well as information on policy organizations and institutes.