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America: History and Life (access limited to LAC on-site users)
A bibliographical database that indexes approximately 2,000 journals with abstracts or annotations. Covers the history and culture of the U.S. and Canada (from prehistoric times to the present). Includes approximately 400,000 bibliographic entries. Coverage 1964 - .

CPI.Q (Canadian Periodical Index) (access limited to LAC on-site users)
Electronic version of the classic Canadian reference tool: the Canadian Periodical Index = Index de périodiques canadiens. Indexes over 400 Canadian periodicals (including major French language titles) and selected American periodicals. Coverage: 1988 - ; full-text articles from over 160 periodicals and selected Gale reference sources: 1995 - .

Canadian Business and Current Affairs (CBCA) (access limited to LAC on-site users)
Index to over 700 Canadian journals (including major French language titles), newspapers, and selected international titles. Coverage: 1982 - ; full text coverage of selected titles: 1993 - .

First Nations Periodical Index
The First Nations Periodical Index indexes approximately twenty journals providing access to information about First Nations for students, educators, instructors and researchers. Coverage varies: generally begins mid-1980s.

Newfoundland Periodical Article Bibliography (PAB)
This database compiled at the Centre for Newfoundland Studies of Memorial University Libraries contains over 70,000 citations to periodical articles. Indexes a wide range of Canadian and international sources. Coverage: 1668 -

Repère (access limited to LAC on-site users)
Index to over 550 French language periodicals (260 currently published titles) in all subject areas published in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Includes full text of selected titles. Coverage: 1980 - .