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Aboriginal and Northern Studies

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Website includes acts, bills and regulations; historic treaty information; publications, First Nation profiles.

Aboriginal Canada Portal
Single window to Canadian Aboriginal on-line resources, contacts, information, and government programs and services.

Aboriginal Peoples - Guide to the Records of the Government of Canada
Thematic guide prepared by Library and Archives Canada.

Arctic Blue Books Online
Index to and digitization of 19th century British Parliamentary Papers concerned with the Canadian Arctic known as the Arctic Blue Books. The site includes the text of Andrew Taylor's Preliminary Guide to the Arctic Blue Books as well as Taylor's detailed abstracts of these documents.

Arctic Institute of North America
Provides access to the Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) Database and to their Photographic Archives Database.

Center for World Indigenous Studies
The Centre for World Indigenous Studies hosts the Fourth World Documentation Program linking to documents relating to the social, political, strategic, economic and human rights situations being faced by Fourth World nations. Includes links to texts of submissions by Canadian native groups to UN bodies.

First Nations Periodical Index
The First Nations Periodical Index indexes approximately twenty journals providing access to information about First Nations for students, educators, instructors and researchers. Coverage varies: generally begins mid-1980s.

Indian Affairs Annual Reports 1864-1990
The Indian Affairs Annual Reports collection contains the full text of annual reports for the years 1864 - 1990. Schedules of Indian Bands, Reserves and Settlements (1902 to 1992) have also been digitized and added to the Indian Affairs Annual Reports collection.

Indigenous Studies Portal
A portal to a wide range of online indigenous studies resources. An initiative of the University of Saskatchewan Library.

Library and Archives Canada - Aboriginal Peoples
This page offers a selection of Library and Archives Canada resources on the topic of Aboriginal peoples.

National Aboriginal Document Database
Provides access to full-text of statutes, court decisions, and treaties. Also includes links to additional information sites for First Nations in Canada and Native American sites in the United States.

Our Legacy
Provide access to material relating to First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples found in Saskatchewan cultural and heritage collections. Includes access to a complete set of transcriptions of hearings and round table discussions of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) held at the University of Saskatchewan Archives.

Polar Web
The Polar Web, a collaborative project of the Polar Libraries Colloquy, is a guide to Internet resources dealing with the polar regions. All subjects disciplines are covered including the social sciences and the native peoples. Includes section on libraries and bibliographic databases, museums,organizations, research projects, experts, electronic publications.

Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs Website
Provides access to the UBIC Resource Centre and digital collections that focus on BC land rights research.