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Canada: Miscellanea

About Canada
Everything you wanted to know about Canada: Arts & Culture, Canada and the World, Calendar of Events, Climate & Geography, Economy, Exploring Canada, Facts & History, Nature & Natural Resources, Parliamentary System, People, Society, Sports & Leisure.

About Canada Series (Dept. of Canadian Heritage)
These documents examine unique Canadian topics and issues, and are produced in conjunction with Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University. Topics include: Aging and the Canadian Population, Canada at the Movies, Canada's Native People, Multiculturalism in Canada, Canada's Legal Tradition, Canada's Cities, Canada's Fishery, Citizenship Education, Louis Riel and the North-West Rebellion, Great Canadian Explorers, Great Canadian Projects.

Across Canada
Information on the Department of Canadian Heritage website on provincial and territorial flags, arms, flowers and other symbols.

Canadian Disaster Database
The Canadian Disaster Database contains detailed information on over 700 natural, technological and conflict events (excluding war) which directly affected Canadians over the past century.

Ceremonial and Canadian Symbols
Authoritative information from Department of Canadian Heritage on Canadian symbols (arms, flag, anthems, beaver, maple leaf, tartan, colours, Great Seal, origin of the name), the Royal Family, public Holidays, official protocol (precedence, titles, styles of address, honours and salutes).

The Governor General: Honours
Governor General of Canada's site provides information on the Order of Canada and other honours awarded by the Governor General. There is a searchable database of all members of the Order of Canada. For information on the Governor General's Literary Awards, see the Canada Council of the Arts. For information on the Governor General's Awards in Commemoration of the Persons Case, see Status of Women Canada.