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Thematic Guides

These Research Tools allow users to access our collections by theme or subject and are organized into three categories:

Please note that these research guides are not complete descriptions of our holdings. They are intended only as a starting point for research and will be updated regularly. Researchers are advised to contact Library and Archives Canada several weeks prior to a visit since records mentioned in these guides might require special permission to view or may be subject to an access review under the Access to Information and Privacy Acts. Questions on the records in these guides should be directed to Library and Archives Canada, Reference and Genealogy Division.

The references to files suggested in these guides have been translated in both English and French in order to facilitate access to these records. Please note that the majority of the documents in these files are written in English, which was the working language of federal offices in the years before official bilingualism, although some documents in these files may be written in French.

Files guaranteed to contain primarily French language content have been clearly identified with an (F) next to the file reference.

Specific and General References

The following guides provide the precise references required to order archival documents.

Research Strategies and Advice

The following guides provide advise which will facilitate research in archival documents.


The following guides provide general descriptions of archival documents pertaining to a particular subject.