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All comprehensive teaching strategies on the Library and Archives Canada site include detailed guidelines for educators, including learning outcomes/expectations/objectives, suggested criteria for assessment, instructions for classroom use, and worksheets.

Activity/ Content Additional Format
Musical Art [PDF 263 KB]
[RTF 476 KB]
Student Handout [PDF 229 KB]
[RTF 792 KB]
Assessment Criteria [PDF 216 KB]
[RTF 475 KB]
Music and Canadian Identity [PDF 248 KB]
[RTF 448 KB]
Student Handout 1: Historical Context and Musical Analysis [PDF 245 KB]
[RTF 446 KB]
Student Handout 2: Songwriting Guide [PDF 210 KB]
[RTF 431 KB]
Assessment Criteria [PDF 196 KB]
[RTF 426 KB]

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