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Image of a magazine cover featuring a black and white photograph of and an article about The Guess Whos


Front cover of R.P.M.: Records Promotion Music. Vol. 3, No. 2. Week of March 8th, 1965.

Image of a magazine cover featuring a black and white photograph of Mick Jagger on stage, holding a microphone


Front cover of RPM Weekly. Vol. 23, No. 18. June 28, 1975.

Image of a magazine cover featuring a cartoon beaver on a background of red maple leaves


Front cover of RPM Weekly. Vol. 32, No. 16. January 19, 1980.

Image of a magazine cover featuring a black and white photograph of Stan Klees and Shania Twain


Front cover of RPM. Vol. 62, No. 8. September 25, 1995.

Image of a magazine cover featuring a colour photograph of Sky and their new album, "Travelling Infinity"


Front cover of the last issue of RPM. Vol. 71, No. 7. November 13, 2000.


About This Site


The RPM database includes all charts represented in the full publication run of RPM Weekly, from 1964 to 2000. There are currently three ways to search the RPM database: simple keyword searching, advanced searching and browsing. The charts have been digitized in their entirety, and users can view full-page images or zoom in to take a closer look.

Technical Information

This site uses the LizardTech DjVu software plug-in for viewing RPM chart images. DjVu offers the ability to magnify, reduce and manipulate an RPM chart image. Without the plug-in, the page display appears in a standard image format that cannot be manipulated. We recommend that you download DjVu for enhanced viewing of the charts.


Library and Archives Canada gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the AV Preservation Trust in the development of this project. We thank Richard Green, Acting Director of the Music Division, Library and Archives Canada, for the conceptualization and supervision of the project.

Special thanks to Stan Klees for generously sharing his time, his memories and his personal photographs, and to the late Walt Grealis, for his boundless enthusiasm and unerring belief in Canadian music.

We also gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM). Established in 1978, CIHM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and providing access to early Canadian publications, first on microfiche and now online. CIHM provided quality control and optical character recognition (OCR) services for the RPM charts. For more information about CIHM, visit the CIHM Web site at