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13 audio reels (22 h).

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Fonds consists of oral history interviews with Japanese-Canadians about the riots at Powell Street in 1907, World War I veterans, Japanese immigration in the 1920s and 1930s, the relocation and internment camps and the Showa Club. Fonds also contains a recording of a round table discussion of the past experiences of first generation Japanese-Canadians.

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Item-level descriptions of the interviews are available in the Audio-visual Collection File. (Papier)

Biographie / Histoire administrative

Mitsuru Shimpo (Shinpo) was born in Manchuria in 1931. He graduated from the International Christian University in Japan (1957) and then received his M.A. in Sociology from the Tokyo Educational College. After his graduation, Shimpo returned to I.C.U. as a lecturer (1959-1962). He then emigrated to British Columbia and completed an M.A. in Sociology at the University of British Columbia in 1963. Shimpo then worked as a research sociologist at the Centre for Community Studies at the University of Saskatchewan. After returning to UBC to pursue doctoral studies, Shimpo went to Japan to carry out field work. He subsequently held positions at the Universities of Alberta and Waterloo. Shimpo has authored a number of books which focus on the sociological aspects of native Indians in Canada and Japanese Canadians about their early experiences in Canada and the period of the Japanese evacuation during World War II.

Information additionnelle

Received in 1972.

Note sur l'emplacement des originaux
The original recordings are preserved at the Special Collections Division of the University of British Columbia Library. They were acquired by the UBC library for the Japanese-Canadian Archives Project.

Note sur l'emplacement des documents connexes
Japanese-Canadian Research Collection, Special Collections Division, University of British Columbia Library holds similar documents.

Variante du titre


1. Shinpo, Mitsuru, 1931-
2. Japanese Canadians
3. Canadiens d'origine japonaise
4. Japanese Canadians Social conditions.
5. Canadiens d'origine japonaise Conditions sociales.
6. Sociologists Canada
7. Sociologues Canada


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1972-0060 MISA