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10 cm of textual records.

Portée et contenu

The fonds consists of diary notes, 1939-1941, and memoirs written in 1943 and 1946, in which Frey describes his internment in Britain, his experiences as an internee in Britain and Canada, as well as life in Britain after his return from Canada. It also includes Frey's letters, 1939-1955, 1973, to a close friend in the United States in which he describes his internment, his transfer to Canada in 1940, his experiences as an internee in Canada, his release in 1941, life in the British military both during the war and the occupation of Germany, his adjustment to civilian life, as well as his coming to Canada and his adjustment to conditions here.

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Born in 1923 in Hamburg, Germany, Gerald Frey went to England in 1939 to forward his education. Here he was interned because of his German citizenship soon after war broke out. In 1940, he and other internees were sent to Canada. Frey remained in internment until the summer of 1941. Only 16 years old when interned, he received permission from the British government to be released so that he might continue his studies in Britain. In 1942, he joined the British army, serving during the war and as part of the British occupation force in Germany after the war. He returned to civilian life after 1947, working in sales. In 1950, he was married and emigrated to Canada, convinced that he would have a better future here than in Britain. In Canada, he worked in various areas of the printing business until his retirement in 1970.

Information additionnelle

The material was received from Gerald Frey of Ottawa in 1994.

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Note sur le classement
The material is arranged in chronological order by document type.


1. Frey, Gerald, 1923-
2. Immigrants Canada
3. Germans Canada
4. Allemands Canada
5. World War, 1939-1945
6. Guerre mondiale, 1939-1945
7. Prisoners of war Germany
8. Prisonniers de guerre Allemagne
9. Prisoners of war Canada
10. Prisonniers de guerre Canada


No de contrôl reliés

1. 1994-0252 MSS
2. 122-020041-7
3. MG30-C252