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12 cm of textual records.

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Fonds consists of correspondence with Swiss and Swedish consuls during internment, notebooks with examples of English lessons during internment (1916-1918), correspondence with Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Employees (1929-1930), personal correspondence with his brother John (1916-1918), notebooks during internment, notes and illustrations (postcards) relating to internment. (Vol. 1.)

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Biographie / Histoire administrative

William Doskoch was born in Laza, Galicia (Austro-Hungarian Empire) now Ukraine, on 5 April, 1893 and left for Canada in 1910. He joined his brother, George who had arrived in Canada in 1905 and was working in the coal mines in British Columbia.

Within a short time, he joined the labour movement and the Socialist Party of British Columbia. He worked in the coal mine at Nanaimo, B.C. until the mine closed in 1915. He travelled to Vancouver and there he was arrested as an enemy alien because he was not yet naturalised. He was sent to the internment camp at Morrisey, B.C. He became active as a spokesman for the internees learning how to read and write in English. He corresponded with the Swedish and Swiss consuls on behalf of the internees. These consular officials represented the interests of the Austro-Hungarian Government in Canada during the First World War.

William Doskoch was later transferred to Mara Lakes, Vernon and finally to Kapuskasing, Ontario where he was released on 9 January, 1920. After his release, he lived and worked as a coal miner in the Edmonton area. In 1923, he worked in Coal Branch. He became involved in the labour movement and union organization in Alberta. As a result of his activities, he was blacklisted from 1927 until 1940. He worked as an organizer for the Canadian Brotherhood of Railway Employees from 1928 until 1930. He then worked for the Farmers Unity League. In late 1939, he found work in the coal mines in Rossdale and Drumheller. He died in January, 1941.

Information additionnelle

Received in 1994 from Walter H. Doskoch of Edmonton, Alberta.


1. Doskoch, Bill, 1893-1941
2. Prisoners of war Canada
3. Prisonniers de guerre Canada
4. Prisonniers de guerre Ukraine
5. Prisoners of War Ukraine
6. Syndicats Canada.
7. Labor Unions Canada.


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