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War of 1812
Troops and Traditions

The War on the Waters

This aspect of the War of 1812 was made up of several almost independent struggles. On the high seas the U.S. Navy gained success in a number of single-ship frigate actions. The British frigates were generally smaller and less well-manned than their opponents and were often embarrassed by superior American gunnery and ship handling. In only one case, that of HMS Shannon and USS Chesapeake did the British prevail, and the victor brought the unfortunate Chesapeake to Halifax harbour. In spite of its reverses, the Royal Navy had more ships than the U.S. Navy and was consequently able to maintain a tight blockade on American waters and was successful in transporting British Army troops to American shores.

An important feature of the war on both sides was the taking of merchant ships of the enemy as prizes. Both naval warships and privateers (civilian vessels commissioned with letters of marque) preyed on the opposing side. In the Maritimes some considerable fortunes were made from the sale of prizes and their cargoes.

On the restricted waters of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain command of the waters was crucial to the success of land operations. Throughout much of the war the rival commodores -- Sir James Yeo of the Royal Navy and the American Isaac Chauncey -- manoeuvred vessels in ever-increasing numbers and size, without ever risking calamitous defeat. When British subordinates risked everything on single actions in 1813 on Lake Erie and in 1814 on Lake Champlain, and were defeated, British military operations in these areas collapsed.

When George Stanley's The War of 1812 : land operations, listed in The War on Land and Joint Operations section, was completed in 1983, it was announced that it would be accompanied by an up-to-date volume on naval operations. This has never appeared. In the meantime, the reader should consult William S. Dudley's The naval War of 1812 : a documentary history, listed in the Collections of Documents section, but should also be aware that it has not yet been completed and lacks a volume for 1814.

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The Great Lakes

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Individual Actions

Kingston, 1812

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Lake Erie, 1813

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Lake Champlain

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The High Seas

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