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International Standard Numbers (ISNs)

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

ISBN Agency Latest Improvement

The Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) now offers integrated services, from the receipt of publisher registration forms through to the management of ISBN blocks and the creation of ISBN activity reports. As a publisher, you are able to manage your own interactive logbooks online, update and edit data, and request new ISBN blocks.

The latest improvements allow publishers to upload bibliographic data utilizing the canadian bibliographic standards or ONIX records. As such, publishers can upload all of their ISBN prefixes in one file into CISS providing it meets the canadian bibliographic standards.

Ultimately all LAC publisher services will be accessible through your CISS account. Future improvements will allow LAC to repurpose publisher information for use in other programs such as Cataloguing in Publication, the New Book Services and the Trusted Digital Repository. This will save publishers time and expense when accessing these programs.

We encourage you to visit and use CISS by visiting at Should you have questions or comments, please contact us toll-free at 1-866-578-7777 or by email at