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About Podcasting

Podcasting is a method of distributing audio files via the Internet. It allows users to subscribe to a variety of audio channels for listening on mobile devices or personal computers. Listeners may subscribe to channels using software that periodically checks for and downloads new content automatically. Any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software can play podcasts.

Getting Started

In order to subscribe to Library and Archives Canada podcasts, download iTunes (Mac or PC) for free at

Once you have downloaded and installed your software, select a channel from The Virtual Gramophone Gallery of Podcasts (below). Copy the appropriate URL (Web address) into your podcast software to subscribe.

Once you have subscribed to a new channel, you can then select which title you want to listen to. The software will automatically download the content, allowing you to listen to the track on your digital audio player or on a computer with audio-playing software.

For more information on podcasting, please refer to these external websites:
CBC Radio

Gallery of Podcasts

Song Title Web address
Winter songs
Romantic music
Irish songs, jigs, reels
Drinking songs
Spring songs
Mothers' Day
La Bolduc
The music scene in Quebec, 1915-1920
History of opera performance in Canada
Anthems and patriotic songs
Songs from France
Chamber music (various ensembles)
Songs of the First World War
Children's music
Piano parlour
Salon vocal
Sacred music
Comedy hour --
Comedy hour --
International music
Dance music: ballet, ragtime, cha-chas, polkas, folk dances
Dance music: foxtrots
Dance music: waltzes
Memorable selections
Highland games in music
Lullabies: berceuses
Musicals -- musical revue/comedy
Our favourite selections
Marching bands
Duchesne, Tommy
Eckstein, Wille
Fischer, Sarah
Burr, Henry -- Solo and Duets
Burr, Henry -- Trios and Quartets
Gauthier, Éva
Macdonough, Harry -- Solo and Duets
Macdonough, Harry -- Quartets
Parlow, Kathleen
Saucier, Joseph
Johnson, Edward
Easton, Florence