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A number of organizations are interested in Information Management in Canada. Using these links you can extend your research, contact these organizations, and make new discoveries. If you would like to add a link to our list, please contact

IM Forum
The Information Management Forum, co-chaired by Treasury Board Secretariat and Library and Archives Canada, was established in January 1997 to bring together those Directors (or their equivalents) from departments and agencies in the Government of Canada who share a common interest regarding the effective management of information.

IM Legislation and Policies
Government of Canada
For a comprehensive list of Government of Canada Information Management legislation, policies and guidelines, please consult the Framework for the Management of Information in the Government of Canada website.

  • Communications Policy of the Government of Canada

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that communications across the Government of Canada are well co-ordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the public.
  • Policy on the Management of Government Information

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that information under the control of the Government of Canada is managed effectively and efficiently throughout its life cycle.
  • Government Security Policy

    To support the national interest and the Government of Canada's business objectives by safeguarding employees and assets and assuring the continued delivery of services.