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School Records

Education is a provincial and territorial jurisdiction. Student records are usually retained by the individual school or transferred to the local school board.

Research at Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada holds only a few school attendance records. To locate these records, you can search our ARCHIVED - General Inventory database by using the name of the school as the keyword.

The only other major collections are:

Indian and Northern Affairs (RG 10)

Residential schools for Aboriginal children were administered by the Government of Canada through the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. Consult our online guide Researching Your Aboriginal Ancestry at Library and Archives Canada for more information on how to search our holdings for Aboriginal or residential school records.

Quebec, Lower Canada and Canada East:
Civil Secretary, records relating to education (RG 4 B30)

These records are called school returns, and include the names of masters, teachers and students, (1829-1840).

Research at Other Institutions

In the case of public schools, some records have been transferred to school boards or to provincial and territorial archives. Please note, however, that it is not common for schools and school boards to retain old student records from previous generations.

Records for schools administered by churches may be in the archives of their respective denominations.

Some school records have been deposited with local archives or museums. You can use the Canadian Archival Information Network [] to search for these records.

Public libraries sometimes hold local school records, including copies of high school yearbooks.

Online Research

Use AVITUS to find other websites about schools and school records.