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List of Abbreviations Used in Military Service Files

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Abbreviation Meaning
R Requisitioned
R Reserve
R Regular
R Regiment
R Regimental
R Royal
R&A Rations and Allowances
R&D Redesignated & Disbanded Units
R&DU Redesignated and Disbanded Units
R&I Repair & Inspection
R&ISEC Research & Information Section
R&Q Rations & Quarters
R&SofS Remission & Suspension of Sentence
R/A Radio Acoustic
R/R Railroad
R/S/L Returned Sailing List
R/T Radio Telephony
R22eR Royal 22e Regiment
RA Radio Artificer
RA Rear Admiral
RA Royal Artillery
RA Air Electronic Technician
RA Radio Technician (Air)
Ra Rations
RA Royal Artillery
RA Regiment of Artillery
R-A Rear-Admiral
RA 3rd BS Rear Admiral Third Battle Squadron
RA(A) Rear Admiral Aircraft Carriers
RA(M) Rear Admiral (Minelayers)
RA(No) Rear Admiral (Number) Battle Squadron
RA(V) Rear Admiral (''V'' Force)
RA, 1c (or 2c,3c,4c,5c) Radio Artificer, 1st Class (or 2nd,3rd,4th or 5th Class)
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAC Royal Armoured Corps
RAChD Royal Army Chaplain's Department
RACOB (WA) Rear Admiral Combined Operations Bast (Western Approaches)
RAD Rear Admiral Destroyers
RadNav Radio Navigator
RadOp Radio Operator
RadSea Radioman (Sea)
RadTech Radio Technician
RAE Radio Equipment Assistant
RAE Royal Aircraft Establishment
RAEC Royal Army Education Corps
RAECEF Rear Admiral Escort Carriers Eastern Fleet
RAEFAC Rear Admiral Eastern Fleet Aircraft Carriers
RAF Royal Air Force
RAG Rifles Armoury Guards
Ragr Radiographer
RALSU Rear Admiral Landing Ships Unallocated
RALSU Rear Admiral Unlocated Landing Ships
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RAMCO Royal Army Medical Corps Officers
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANAS(IO) Rear Admiral Naval Air Stations (Indian Ocean)
RANVR Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RAO Royal Artillery Officers
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RAOCO Royal Army Ordnance Corps Officers
RAP Regimental Aid Post
RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RASpec Recreation and Athletic Specialist
RATE Rear Admiral Training Establishments
RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps
RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps
RB Rifle Brigade
RB(IC) Reconnaissance Battalion (In Canada)
RBerksR Royal Berkshire Regiment
RC Recruiting Centres
RC Release Centres
RC Reselection Centre
RC Roman Catholic
RC Recruiting Centre
RC Release Centre
RC Reselection Centre
RC Royal Canadians
RC(Ia N) Refugee Camp (Ile aux Noix)
RC,R/C Release Centre
RCA Royal Canadian Artillery
RCA(CD) Royal Canadian Artillery (Coast Defence Branch)
RCAB Royal Canadian Artillery Band
RCAC Royal Canadian Army Cadets
RCAC Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
RCAC(MP) Royal Canadian Artillery Camp (Macauley Plains)
RCACC Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps
RCACD Royal Canadian Artillery Canadian Division
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAF(Aux) Royal Canadian Air Force (Auxiliary)
RCAF(PR) Royal Canadian Air Force (Primary Reserve)
RCAF(R) Royal Canadian Air Force (Regular)
RCAHWENDHQS Royal Canadian Artillery, Home War Establishment, National Defence Headquarters Section
RCAMC Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RCAMCPST Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Plastic Surgery Team
RCAMCTC Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre
RCAMCTC(R) Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Training Centre (Reserve)
RCanDns Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCanHArt Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCanR Royal Canadian Regiment
RCanSigEng Royal Canadian Signal Engineers
RCAPC Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps
RCARU Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcement Unit
RCASC Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RCASCB Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Band
RCASC-CASF Royal Canadian Army Service Corps - Canadian Active Service Force
RCASCCF Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Company Force
RCASCG Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Group
RCASCHU Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Holding Unit
RCASCRU Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Reinforcement Unit
RCASCTC Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Training Centre
RCASCTCR Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Training Centre Reserve
RCATC Royal Canadian Artillery Training Centre
RCATC(R) Royal Canadian Artillery Training Centre Reserve
RCC Railway Construction Company
RCC Remote Control Officer
RCCRCE Road Construction Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
RCCS Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RCCSTC(R) Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Training Centre (Reserve)
RCD Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCDC Royal Canadian Dental Corps
RCE Royal Canadian Engineers
RCE(NP) Royal Canadian Engineers (Non-Permanent Active Militia)
RCEB Royal Canadian Engineers Bands
RCECO Royal Canadian Engineers Corps Orders
RCEDF Royal Canadian Detachment Force
RCEME Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
RCESA by HQ Royal Canadian Engineers Section Administered by Headquarters
RCETC Royal Canadian Engineers Training Centre
RCETC(R) Royal Canadian Engineers Training Centre (Reserve)
RCEWDCMHQ Royal Canadian Engineers Works Directorate, Canadian Military Headquarters
RCFC Refreshers Course for Officers
RCFQ Refugee Camp Farnham Quebec
RCHA Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCHQ Rear Canadian Headquarters
RCIC Royal Canadian Infantry Corps
RCL Royal Canadian Legion
RCM Military Sub-Committee Of the Ministerial Committee on Reconstruction Problems
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCN Royal Canadian Navy
RCN(R) Royal Canadian Navy (Reserve)
RCNB Royal Canadian Naval Barracks
RCNH Royal Canadian Naval Hospital
RCNMR Royal Canadian Naval Monthly Reserve
RCNR Royal Canadian Naval Reserve
RCNR(FR) Royal Canadian Naval Reserve (Fisherman's Reserve)
RCNVR Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RCOC Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
RCOCAM Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Army Magazine
RCOCB Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Band
RCOCCO Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Orders
RCOCHU Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Holding Unit
RCOCMG(MD)P Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Magazine Guard (McGivney Depot) Petawawa
RCOCTC(R) Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Training Centre (Reserve)
RCPC Royal Canadian Postal Corps
RCR Royal Canadian Regiment
RCS Radar and Communication School
RCS Routing & Convoy Section (Naval)
RCS Royal Canadian Signals
RCSB Royal Canadian Signals Band
RCSC Royal Canadian Sea Cadets
RCSE Royal Canadian Signal Engineers
RCSigs Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RCSME Royal Canadian School of Military Engineering
RCSTC Royal Canadian Signals Training Centre
RD Reception Depot
RD Release Depot
RD Repair Depot
RD Repatriation Depot
RD Repair Depot
RD Repatriation Depot
rd road
rd round
RDBW Regimental Depot The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
RDC Royal Defence Corps
RdConstCoy Road Construction Company
RdeChat Regiment de Chateauguay
RdeChaud Regiment de Chaudiere
RdeH Regiment de Hull
RdeJol Regiment de Joliette
RdeMais Regiment de Maisonneuve
RdeMont Regiment de Montmagny
RdeStHya Regiment de St. Hyacinthe
RDevonYeo Royal Devon Yeomanry
RDF Radio Direction Finder (Radar)
RDF Radio Direction Finding
RDFMU Radio Direction Finder Maintenance Units
RDFO Radio Direction Finder Officer (Naval)
RDFOU Radio Direction Finder Operating Unit
RDFS Radio Direction Finder School
RDIRCASC Relief Driver Increment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RDMHRCAMC Red Deer Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RDOVI Reinforcing Draft Overseas, 14th Reinforcement Draft Overseas
RdrPC(A) Radar Performance Checker (Air)
RdrPC(G) Radar Performance Checker (Ground)
RdrPltr Radar Plotter (Sea)
RdrTec(A) Radar Technician (Air)
RdrTec(G) Radar Technician (Ground)
RdrTech Radar Technician
RDubFus Royal Dublin Fusiliers
RduSag Regiment du Saguenay
RE Research Establishment
RE Royal Engineers
RE(CW) Research Establishment (Chemical Warfare)
REA Real Estate Advisor
RECCE Reconnaissance
recce Reconnaître
Recom Decommissioned
RECON Reconnaissance (U.S.)
Recruits Naval Recruiting Office (Permanent Naval Force)
REF Radio Experimental Flight
RefTech Refinisher Technician
Reg Regiment / Regimental
reg regulating
reg regulations
Regt Regiment
Regt Regimental
Regtl Regimental
Rehab Rehabilitation
RE-HC Re-Habilitation Course
reinf Reinforcement(s)
REKentYeo Royal East Kent Yeomanry
rem Remained
REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
REMS Reserve Equipment Maintenance Satellites
REMU Reserve Equipment Maintenance Units
Rep Repatriated
Rep Bn Replacement Battalion
Rep Bn Representative
RepatDep Repatriation Depot
rept reported
REPT Reserve Entry Training Program
rep't reported
Reptd Reported
rept't reported
RERMC Riding Establishment Royal Military College
Res Reserve
RESO Reserve Entry Scheme - Officers
RETP Reserve Entry Training Plan
Rev Reverend
RF Reserve Fleet
RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RFB Regiment Funds Board
RFB Reported from Base
RFC Reserve Force Centre
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RFC Royal Field Corps
Rflm Rifleman
Rfm Rifleman
Rfmn Rifleman
Rfn Rifleman
RforCMF Reinforcements for Central Mediterranean Force
RFR Royal Fleet Reserve
RFRA Royal Artillery Pre-War Reservist
rft reinforcement
RFTP Refresher Flying Training Plan
Rfts Reinforcements
Rfus Royal Fusiliers
RG Regulating Petty Officer
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
RGR Royal Garrison Regiment
RGSS Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen
Rgt Regiment
RGuernseyLI Royal Guernsey Light Infantry
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RHC Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada
RHC Royal Highlanders of Canada
RHGDS Royal Horse Guards
RHIGHRS Royal Highlanders (The Black Watch)
RHLI Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
RHN Royal Hellenic Navy
RHofCAN Royal Highlanders of Canada
RHQRCASC Reconstituted Headquarters, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RHRofC Royal Highland Regiment of Canada (Refer to: Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada)
Rif Rifles
Rif Rifleman
RIFBRIG Rifle Brigade
RIIP Reserve Integrated Information Project
RInnisFus Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
RIrReg Royal Irish Regiment
RIrRif Royal Irish Rifles
RIsFus Royal Irish Fusiliers
RLancR Royal Lancaster Regiment
RLE Radio Location Establishment
RLHQ Rear Link Headquarters
RLL(UK) Rotation Leave List (United Kingdom)
RLMSRCCS Railway Line Maintenance Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RLO Research Liaison Officer (Naval)
RLRCAMC Research Laboratory, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RLU Radio Location Unit
rlwy railway
RlwyConst(Op)(Tg)Coy(Gp) Railway Construction (Operating) (Telegraph) Company (Group)
RM Royal Marines
RM Air Radio Mechanic
RM Radioman
RMA Royal Marine Artillery
RMB Royal Marine Band
RMBPD Royal Marine Boom Patrol Detachment
RMBRIG Royal Marine Brigade
RMC Royal Military College of Canada
RME Royal Marine Engineers
RMF Royal Munster Fusiliers
RMFA Royal Malta Fencible Artillery
RMHRCAMC Rideau Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RMHRCAMC Rimouski Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RMi Riegelmine
RMLI Royal Marines Light Infantry
RMO Royal Marine Office
RMO Regimental Medical Officer
RMR Rocky Mountain Rangers
RMR Royal Montreal Regiment
RMSCR Royal Marine Support Craft Regiment
RMSF Royal Marine Striking Force
RMSO Royal Marine Signal Office
RMTC Radio Mechanic's Training Centre
RMTCRCASC Reserve Mechanical Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
RMTech Refrigeration and Mechanical Technician
RMTG Royal Marine Training Group
RN Royal Navy
RNAD Royal Navy Armament Depot
RNARY Royal Naval Aircraft Repair Yard
RNAS Royal Naval Air Service
RNAS Royal Naval Air Station
RNASAAC Royal Naval Air Service Anti-Aircraft Corps
RNB Royal Naval Barracks
RNBTR Royal Naval Benevolent Trust Representative
RNCVR Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve
RND Royal Naval Division
RNDevonYeo Royal North Devon Yeomanry
RNLO Royal Naval Liaison Officer
RNN Royal Netherlands Navy
RNO Resident Naval Officer
RNO Resident Naval Overseer
RNorN Royal Norwegian Navy
RNPS Royal Naval Patrol Service
RNR Royal Naval Reserve
RNS Radio and Navigation School
RNSC Royal Navy Staff College
RNSR Royal Naval Special Reserve
RNTE Royal Naval Training Establishment
RNTF Royal Naval Torpedo Factory
RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
RNWCC Royal Naval War Comforts Committee
RNWL Royal Naval War Libraries
RNWMP Royal North-West Mounted Police
RNZE Royal New Zealand Engineers
RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy
RO Records Only
RO Recruiting Office
RO Reinforcement Officer
RO Report Officer
RO Routine Order
RO Reporting Officer
ROC Royal Observer Corps
ROCA Resident Officer Canal Area
ROCMHQ Records Office, Canadian Military Headquarters
ROE Rules of Engagement
RofP Report of Proceedings
ROGRCE Railway Operating Group, Royal Canadian Engineers
ROLSH(RC)CA(AF) Regimental Orders Lord Stratchcona Horse (Royal Canadians) Canadian Army Active Force
RomRsch Communicator Research
ROp Radio Operator
ROSJD Routine Orders St. John's Defences
ROTP Regular Officer Training Plan
ROTP(CMC) Regular Officer Training Plan (at Canadian Military Colleges)
ROTP(U) Regular Officer Training Plan (at Civilian Universities)
RO''W''F Routine Orders ''W'' Force
RO''Z''F Routine Orders ''Z'' Force
RP Radar Plot Rate
RP Reserve Posting
RP Radar Plotter
RP (Records) Reserve Posting (Records)
RPIGHQ&LofCT Rear Party Increment General Headquarters & Line of Communication Troops
RPO Regulating Petty Officer
RPSD Reserve Pacific Support Depot
RQ&A Rations, Quarters and Allowance
RQM Regimental Quartermaster
RQMS Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
RR Rifle Range
RR Radiographer
RR Railroad
RRC Royal Regiment of Canada
RRC Royal Rifles of Canada
RRC Royal Red Cross
RRE District Recruiting Establishment
RRegC Royal Regiment of Canada
RRF Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
RRMC Royal Roads Military College
RRR Regina Rifle Regiment
RS Recruiting Station
RS Reserve Status
RS Reinforcement Section
RSCFC Reinforcement Section Canadian Forestry Corps
RScFus Royal Scots Fusiliers
RSCOTS Royal Scots (Lothiam Regiment)
RSHQCFC Reinforcemetn Section Headquarters Canadian Forestry Corps
RSM Regimental Sergeant-Major
RSMHRCAMC Rectory Street Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RSO Range Safety Officer
RSS Regular Support Staff
RSS Regimental Support Staff
RSTech Radar Systems Technician
RSTech Radioman Special
Rsu Repair & Salvage Unit
RSussR Royal Sussex Regiment
RT Radio Technician
RT Radio Telephony
RTC Returned to Corps
RTCRCAR Reserve Training Centre, Royal Canadian Artillery Reinforcements
Rtn Return
Rtns Rations
RTO Return to Owners
RTO Railway Tranport Officer
RTO Research Technical Officer
RTO Regimental Transport Officer
RTOSRCCS Railway Telegraph Operating Section, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
RTTP Reserve Tradesmen Training Plan
RTU Returned to Unit
RU Radio Unit
RU Reinforcement Unit
RUSNO Resident U.S. Naval Officer (U.S.)
RV Rendezvous point on Patrol
RVHM Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal
RVM Royal Victorian Medal
RW Recorded Warning
RWCHRCAMC Roman Way Convalescent Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
RWCRCE Railway Workshop Company, Royal Canadian Engineers
RWFus Royal Welsh Fusiliers
RWING Reinforcement Wing
RWKentR Royal West Kent Regiment
RWpgR Royal Winnipeg Rifles
RWPU Radio Wave Propagation Unit
RWR Royal Winnipeg Rifles
RX Army Remount Section, Army Service Corps Number Prefix
Ry Railway
RYM Royal Yugoslav
RYPA Roll, Yaw, Pitch and Alter Course