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List of Abbreviations Used in Military Service Files

- I -

Abbreviation Meaning
I Intelligence Branch of the General Staff
I Interrogation
I (b) Secret Service Branch of the General Staff
I"E"toHQCT Increment ''E'' to Headquarters Canadian Troops
I(A)HQCAGRA Increment (A) Headquarters Canadian, Army Group Royal Artillery
I/C In Charge
IAF Inspector of Admiralty Fuel
IAM Institute of Aviation Medicine
IAS Infantry Assault Ships
IATC Infantry Advanced Training Center
I''A''toCSGHQEAP Increment ''A'' to Canadian Section
IAW In Accordance With
IBD Infantry Base Depot
IBDCASF(LS) Infantry Base Depot, Canadian Active Service Force, (Lorne Scots)
IBDP Infantry Brigade Defence Platoon
IBLAD Infantry Brigade Light Aid Detachment
IBofUK&C Inspection Board of United Kingdom & Canada
IBRS Infantry Brigade Recce Squadron
IBSS&WT Infantry Brigade Signals Section & Wireless Telegraphy
IC Instructional Cadre
IC Internment Camp
IC In Command
ICB Inspection of Contract Built Ships
ICB Inspector of Contract Built Ships
ICB Inspector of Contract Built Ships (Naval)
ICCDP Iceland Coastal Command Daily Programme
ICCFS Inspecting Captain Of Coastal Force Schools
ICCPC Internment Camp Canadian Provost Corps
ICCSS Medal International Commission of Control and Supervision Service Medal
ICE Integrated Clothing Ensemble
ICEPAT. Iceland Patrol (U.S.)
ICFPC Increment Canadian Field Punishment Camp
ICI Imperial Chemical Industries
ICMHRCAMC Internment Camp Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
ICSCS Medal International Commission for Supervision and Control Service Medal (Indo China)
IDE Imperial Defence College or Inter-Department Cypher
IdentTech Identification Technician
IDGHRCAMC Infectious Diseases General Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
IE Increased Endurance
IE Intermediate Engagement
IE Tech Instrument Electrical Technician
IECS Improved Environmental Clothing System
IF Irish Fusiliers
IFofC Irish Fusiliers of Canada (11th Regiment)
IFPP No. 1 Ferry Pilots Pool
IFS Instrument Flying School
IG(CC) Inspector-General (Central Canada)
IGC Imperial General Council
IGds Irish Guards
I-GEC(A) Inspector-General Eastern Canada OR Educational Company (Army)
IGTCAC Instructors Gunnery Team, Canadian Armoured Corps
IHU Infantry Holding Unit
IMD Indian Medical Department
IMHRCAMC Ipperwash Military Hospital, Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
Imp Imperial
IMS Indian Medical Service
IMTU Inspector of Machine Tool Utilisation
IN Inspector
In Inch
INAITCoy Infantry Brigade AIT Company
Incl include, inclusive or including
ind independent
Indef.Lve. Indefinite Leave
indep independent
Inf Infantryman
Inf Infantry
Infmn Infantryman
INFO Information
Inj Injured
INO(W) Inspector of Naval Ordnance (Woolwick)
Inspr Inspector
inst instructor
instr instructor
Instr Instruction(al)
Instr(s) Instructor(s)
Instr.Cr. Instructor Commander
Int Intelligence
INT Interpreter
Int. General Staff Officer 1 (Intelligence)
Int.C. Internment Camp
INTEL Intelligence (U.S.)
IntOp Intelligence Operator
Intrep Intelligence Report
inv Invalid
Inv "wd" Invalided Wounded
INWE Infantry North West Echelon
IO Intelligence Officer
I-O Infantry Officers
IOA Indian Ocean Area
IOB Inspector of Booms (Naval)
IOC Instructional Officer Course
IODE Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire
IORAS Inspection of Reserve Army Stores
IOS Inspector of Ordnance Services
IPB Intelligence Preparation of Battlefield
IPC Island Park Camp
IPO Inshore Patrol Officer
IR Instructor's Regiment
Ir.Fus.(VR) Irish Fusiliers (Vancouver Regiment)
IREM Inspector of Royal Engineer Machinery
IrGds Irish Guards
IRofC Irish Regiment of Canada
IRS Intelligence Reports Section (Naval)
IRVC Imperial Railways Volunteer Corps
IS Tech Integral Systems Technician
IS.C.B. Inter-Service Communications Board (U.S.)
ISC Inter Service Committee
ISC Indian Staff Corps
ISC Inter-Service Cypher
ISCC Infantry Section Commander's Course
ISCO Intelligence Section, Combined Operations
ISF Internal Security Force
ISHQCC Intelligence Section Headquarters Canadian Corps
ISO Imperial Service Order
ISp Intelligence Specialist
ISTAR Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
ISTD Inter-Service Topographical
ISTDC Interservice Training Defence Centre
IT Instructional Technique
ITB Infantry Training Battalion
ITC Infantry Training Centre
ITC(R) Infantry Training Centre (Reserve)
ITD Infantry Training Depot
ITDUCIC Infantry Training Demonstration Unit, Canadian Infantry Corps
ITech Instrument Technician
ITM Inspector of Torpedoes and Mines
ItoHQCC Increment to Headquarters Canadian Corps
ItoHQCID Increment to Headquarters Canadian Armoured Division
ITS Initial Training School
IW.C.B.D. 'I'' Wing Canadian Base Depot
IWBB Improvised Widened Bailey Bridge
IWDRE Inland Waterways & Docks, Royal Engineers
IWGC Imperial War Graves Commission
IWT Inland Water Transport
IYB Imperial Yeomanry Bearer
IYH Imperial Yeomanry Hospital
O/SB.C.D.C. Intermediate Overseas Base, Canadian Dental Corps OR Canadian Disciplinary Centre