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Immigration and Citizenship

Immigration Records Column Headings

Border Entry Form used between 1925 and 1930

Table of Contents

1. Line
2. Day of month
3. Family name, given name
4. Relationship
	5. M.
	6. F.
7. Single, married, widowed or divorced
8. County, state and place of birth
9. Nationality (country of which a citizen or subject)
10. Race or people
If in Canada Before
	11. Between what periods
	12. At what address
13. What language? (If unable to read insert "nil")
14. Religion. State Denomination
	15. What trade or occupation did you follow in your own country?
	16. What trade or occupation do you intend to follow in Canada?
17. If destined to relative, friend or employer state which and give name
and full address. If not joining any person in Canada, give the address in
Canada to which you are going 18. Give name, relationship and address of your nearest relative in the
country from which you came Have you or any of your family ever been 19. Mentally defective 20. Physically defective 21. Tubercular 22. Money in possession belonging to passenger 23. Value of effects 24. Travelling inland on state railway or highway 25. Action taken. State whether admitted as immigrant or non-immigrant
or rejected. If rejected, give cause and state if appeal entered