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Un montagnais qui fabrique un canoe d'écorce


Montagnais people making a bark canoe,
Murray Bay (Pointe-au-Pic), Quebec,
ca. 1863.
Photographer: Alexander Henderson.
Library and Archives Canada, PA-149709.

The rich and diversified aboriginal cultures in Canada have brought a unique quality to the lives of many Canadians. It is with pride that more and more Canadians are doing research to trace their aboriginal roots in records found in various archives across Canada. Uncovering your ties with your aboriginal ancestry can help to define your own identity.

With the help of those who use archival records, we have developed this guide to help Canadians undertaking aboriginal genealogical research in the archival documentation at Library and Archives Canada. This guide is not meant to be an exhaustive overview of all sources and research strategies; rather, it is one of the tools you can use. Further resources are listed at the end of this guide, and the specialized staff at Library and Archives Canada and other research institutions will be able to assist you in conducting research into your aboriginal ancestry.

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