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What is CMPI?

The CMPI database includes nearly 37 000 entries on articles dating from the late 19th century to the present day. Approximately 630 Canadian music journals, newsletters and magazines are represented here, nearly 200 of which are currently active and continue to be indexed. The database focusses on articles and news items touching various aspects of musical activity in Canada. In addition, since 1999, significant articles on international music and musicians, published in Canadian periodicals, have been added to the index.

What fields are included in the CMPI database?

Field Name


Article Title

Name of the article

Periodical Title

Name of the newsletter, trade magazine or music journal where the article can be found. Browse periodical by title to see which magazines have been indexed.


Author of the article


Volume and number of the periodical where the article appears


Page number where the article appears in the periodical


Indicates whether the article is written in English or French


Month and year publication for periodical


Used when an individual's career or an organization's activities are limited to a specific geographical area or to provide a geographical focus for broad subjects.


Used if further explanation for an indexing entry is required


Includes broad musical topics such as cultural policy, orchestras, jazz, pop, sound recording industry, etc. To find an article about a musical subject try a simple keyword search on a particular topic or browse by subject.


Includes names of individuals, associations, institutions, ensembles, etc. used as subjects. To find an article about a performer or ensemble try a simple keyword search on a particular name or browse by name to see who has been indexed.


Denotes the types of activities performed by a name subject. For example the classification for Glenn Gould (as a subject) is pianist, harpsichordist, writer, producer, conductor, sound recording artist. Searching in the classification field will allow you to find articles about people who for example, compose, conduct or perform on a particular instrument.


Indicates whether an article is an interview, obituary, review, etc.

How do I search CMPI?

There are three different ways to search CMPI: browsing, simple keyword searching and advanced searching.

Browsing - CMPI offers browsing by:

  • Periodical title - name of music journal or newsletter (e.g. Le Canada musical, Canadian Folk Music Society Newsletter)
  • Subject - broad musical topics (e.g. orchestras, jazz, pop, sound recording industry)
  • Name - names of individuals (e.g. Diana Krall), associations (e.g. Manitoba Association of Country Arts MACA), institutions (e.g. Académie de musique de Québec), etc.

To browse any of these fields select the "periodical title", "subject" or "name" button under "browse by" on the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on any letter in the hyperlinked alphabet to generate a list of results, or enter a browse term in the search box.

Simple Keyword Searching

Simple keyword searching is offered on most pages of the website. Type your keyword(s) to search bibliographic information in the CMPI database. If you enter more than one keyword the database will automatically enter the Boolean operator "and" between your terms. The simple keyword(s) search will search your keyword(s) in both French and English, in the following fields:

  • Article Title
  • Periodical Title
  • Author
  • Volume
  • Page
  • Language
  • Date
  • Geography
  • Notes
  • Subject
  • Name
  • Classification
  • Type

Advanced Search

Advanced Searching allows you to refine your search by combining search terms with the Boolean operators "and", "or" and "not" with the ability to search within specific fields.

Boolean Operators Explained

"AND" Use the "and" operator between your keywords to find records with all your search terms.

"OR" Use the "or" operator between your keywords to find all records with any of your search terms.

"NOT" Use the "not" operator between keyword to find all records having your first search term and not the second.

Searchable fields in Advanced Search

Article Title
Periodical Title
Volume Number
**Subject Heading

* The Date field does not adhere to a standard format; search using 4-digit year (e.g. 1988) for best results.

** Please note that name and subject from the browse feature have been combined into one searchable field named "subject heading" in this search screen.

Advanced Search Example

The following is a series of steps you may take to execute an advanced search.


How do I find a short biography on Diana Krall?

Searching Strategy

The two key search terms in the question are Diana Krall and Biography.

Since you are looking for an article about Diana Krall, she is the subject in your search. Biography is flagged as a search term as it indicates the type of article for which you are looking.

Searching the database

  1. In advanced search select "Subject Heading" and input Diana Krall.
  2. Choose the "and" button (because you want both Diana Krall and Biography to appear in the index record).
  3. Select "Type" and input biography.


When I look into your eyes / Shipton, Alyn. (Gene Lees jazz letter; 18 no. 5; May 1999; 2-1)

Article Title: When I look into your eyes
Author: Shipton, Alyn
Periodical Title: Gene Lees jazz letter
Volume: 18 no. 5
Page: 2-1
Language: English
Date: May 1999
Name: Krall, Diana (remember in advanced search "name" is subject heading)
Classification: Jazz - Individuals / Pianist / Singer
Type: Biography

Diana Krall: The sky's no limit / Chapman, Geoff. (Performance; 1; Sept/Oct. 1997; 18-21)

Article Title: Diana Krall: The sky's no limit
Author: Chapman, Geoff
Periodical Title: Performance
Volume: 1
Page: 18-21
Language: English
Date: Sept/Oct. 1997
Name: Krall, Diana (remember in advanced search "name" is subject heading)
Classification: Jazz - Individuals / Pianist / Singer
Type: Biography