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Canadian State Political Library

Author Title Publishing Information Source: Amicus # PDF Link
Nelligan, James Le Canadien émigrant [Québec? : s.n.], 1851 2670067 PDF 3,206 KB
Nicholls, Frederic Report of the Demonstration in Honour of the Fortieth Anniversary of Sir John A. Macdonald's Entrance into Public Life: Proceedings at Toronto and Montreal, Complete List of Delegates Appointed to Attend Toronto Convention Toronto: Canadian Manufacturer Pub. Co., 1885 2935591 1. PDF 9,398 KB
2. PDF 7,483 KB
3. PDF 7,449 KB
4. PDF 7,745 KB
One of the people An Enquiry into the Merits of Confederation and the Duty of the Hour Halifax, N.S.: Z.S. Hall, 1867 5306344 PDF 2,775 KB
One who knows The Gibbet of Regina: The Truth about Riel: Sir John A. MacDonald and His Cabinet before Public Opinion New York: Thompson & Moreau, 1886 5306872 1. PDF 11,132 KB
2. PDF 10,357 KB
O'Neill, J. H Canada Since the Union: A Lecture Quebec: Printed at the Office of L'Evénement, 1871. 2766509 PDF 3,122 KB
Pagnuelo, Siméon Etudes historiques et légales sur la liberté religieuse en Canada Montreal : C.O. Beauchemin, 1872 4251285 1. PDF 7,439 KB
2. PDF 6,028 KB
3. PDF 11,016 KB
Pagnuelo, Siméon Lettres sur la réforme judiciaire Montréal : J. Chapleau, 1880 2340041 1. PDF 9,097 KB
2. PDF 6,210 KB
Papineau, Louis Joseph Discours de l'hon. Louis-Joseph Papineau à l'occasion du 23ème anniversaire de la fondation de l'Institut canadien, le 17 décembre 1867 Montréal : Le Pays, 1868 5357862 PDF 3,069 KB
Parent, Étienne Discours / Etienne Parent ; édition critique par Claude Couture et Yvan Lamonde : De l'intelligence dans ses rapports avec la société Québec : Impr. de L. Brousseau, 1878 5357923 PDF 8,571 KB
Parent, Étienne Lecture prononcée par E. Parent, écr., devant l'Institut canadien, jeudi, 19 novembre, 1846 : Importance de l'étude de l'économie politique Montreal : Imp. de la Revue canadienne, 1846 3575529 PDF 1,868 KB
Parent, Étienne Discours prononcés par M. E. Parent devant l'Institut canadien de Montréal Montréal : Impr. de Lovell et Gibson, 1850 2630519 PDF 10,098 KB
Parent, Étienne Discours prononcé par Ét. Parent, écr., devant l'Institut canadien de Québec : De l'intelligence dans ses rapports avec la société Québec : E.R. Fréchette, 1852 2630564 PDF 2,406 KB
Parti libéral du Canada L'Autonomie des provinces en péril : Sir John A. Macdonald partisan de l'union législative Québec? : s.n., 1892 2676995 PDF 1,267 KB
Parti libéral du Québec Elections de 1886 : situation politique et administrative de la province de Québec Québec : Typ. de C. Darveau, 1886 5358389 1. PDF 10,232 KB
2. PDF 10,620 KB
Pelland, Joseph Octave Biographie, discours, conférences, etc. de l'Hon. Honoré Mercier Montréal : [s.n.], 1890 2663588 1. PDF 6,941 KB
2. PDF 8,131 KB
3. PDF 6,486 KB
4. PDF 6,701 KB
5. PDF 7,337 KB
6. PDF 6,460 KB
7. PDF 9,667 KB
Piché, Eugène U. Aux habitants du comté de Berthier : réponses aux injures de la Minerve, etc., etc., etc., contre M. E. U. Piché, député de Berthier Toronto : Imprimé par J. Lovell, 1859 2670156 PDF 3,589 KB
Pope, Joseph The Day of Sir John Macdonald: A Chronicle of the First Prime Minister of the Dominion Toronto: Glasgow, Brook, 1915 2402112 PDF 13,419 KB
Pope, Joseph Sir John A. Macdonald Vindicated: A Review of the Right Honourable Sir Richard Cartwright's Reminiscences Toronto: Publishers' Association of Canada, 1912 4391863 PDF 1,819 KB
Pope, William Henry The Confederation Question Considered from a Prince Edward Island Point of View Charlottetown [P.E.I.]: E. Whelan, 1866 8893372 PDF 1,732 KB
Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Sir John A. Macdonald et les canadiens français : étude historique de 1854 jusqu'^à nos jours Montreal : Imprimerie générale, 1887 5943831 PDF 1,803 KB
Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Liberal Conservative Hand-book: Grits in Office. Profession and Practice Contrasted. Sir John Macdonald's Speech at Montreal [and] Hon. C. B. Tupper's speech at Halifax Ottawa: Published under the auspices of the Conservative Associations of the Dominion, 1876 2230484 PDF 5,469 KB
Quebec and James Bay Railway Company To the Right Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald Quebec? : s.n., 1888? 5359624 PDF 369 KB
Reform Association of Canada Proceedings at the First General Meeting of the Reform Association of Canada Toronto: Printed by order of the Reform Association of Canada by G. Brown, 1844 8567274 PDF 1,397 KB
Richardson, John Eight Years in Canada: Embracing a Review of the Administrations of Lords Durham and Sydenham, Sir Chas. Bagot, and Lord Metcalfe: And Including Numerous Interesting Letters from Lord Durham, Mr. Chas. Buller, and Other Well-known Public Characters Montreal: H.H. Cunningham, 1847 2605774 1. PDF 9,537 KB
2. PDF 8,800 KB
Rogers, Charles Gordon Government Clerks: A Book of Ballads New York: Andrew H. Kellogg, 1902 11323682 PDF 4,096 KB
Ross, Dunbar Le siège du gouvernement provincial [Québec? : s.n.], 1858 (Québec : St. Michel et Darveau 15233430 PDF 4,461 KB
Ross, Dunbar The "Crise" Metcalfe and the Lafontaine-Baldwin Cabinet Defended: Letter of Zeno to the Legislative Assembly of Canada Quebec: W. Cowan & Son, 1844 8269800 PDF 3,192 KB
Ross, Dunbar The Seat of Government of Canada (First Published in 1843, Now Republished with Additional Matter): Also, the Composition and Functions of the Legislative Council, and the "Double Majority" Question Quebec: E.R. Fréchette, 1856 4015267 PDF 6,001 KB
Royal, Joseph A Republic or a Colony?: Some Remarks on the Present Crisis Montreal: E. Senécal, 1894 5361837 PDF 4,811 KB
Ryerson, Egerton Sir Charles Metcalfe Defended against the Attacks of his Late Counsellors Toronto: Printed at the British Colonist Office, 1844 2729103 1. PDF 7,041 KB
2. PDF 6,412 KB

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