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Procurement Plan for 2011-12


The objective of this Procurement Plan is to provide industry and the public information regarding the anticipated contracting activities for fiscal year 2011-12 at Library and Archives Canada.

This document shall not be interpreted as a commitment by Library and Archives Canada to purchase forecasted goods/services stipulated herein nor should it be interpreted as a bid solicitation process from the industry.

Operational context

The Contracts and Materiel Management Division (CCMD) of Library and Archives Canada located in Gatineau Québec is responsible for procurement activities for its NCR and regional offices across Canada.

CMMD is also responsible for policy, procedures, reporting, training and contract quality assurance functions.

Most contracting activities are carried out centrally by the CMMD, though responsibility centre Managers have decentralized delegated contracting authority for acquisition of low dollar value goods and services.

All requirements exceeding LAC's basic delegated contracting authorities (goods @ $25,000 and services @ $2M) are awarded by PWGSC in its role as common service provider of procurement services.

LAC is an active participant in various government initiatives aimed at modernizing procurement such as development of a Departmental Service Agreement with PWGSC, member of TB and PWGSC advisory committees, often takes part in the testing of PWGSC mock systems, and various other inter-departmental working groups.

Contracting officers are part of ongoing operational program's management team meetings to ensure that requirements are procured in time to meet operational deadlines and in accordance with guiding rules/principles associated with sound procurement practices.

Anticipated procurement requirements in 2011-12

Library and Archives is anticipating approximately $26M of procurement activities to respond to its operational requirements such as:

  • Informatics professional services to support LAC's systems
  • Miscellaneous hardware and software products
  • Specialized equipment mostly related to preservation of our collection material
  • Professional and consulting services such as management consulting, professional services such as instructors, coaching, human resources or finance specialists, transportation and exhibition services, temporary help services, commissionaires’ services, communication services, etc
  • Unique goods such as books, periodicals, publications and acquisition of historical material
  • Telecommunication services and equipment
  • Office furniture, equipment and supplies

Overall procurement strategy

LAC strives to respect principles of fairness, transparency as well as enhanced opportunities for aboriginal business development and green procurement initiatives.

LAC is bound by the Government Contract Regulations, the TB contracting policy, and trade agreements.

Strong governance exists within LAC including a procurement review committee; a quality assurance process; mandatory training to managers; strong performance measurements and communication channels among management and staff for continuous improvements.

Between 70 - 80% of its overall procurement activities will be conducted competitively during FY 2011-12.

Anticipated methods of solicitation and related total estimated value of procurements for 2011-12

  • LAC fully endorses PWGSC pre-competed procurement instruments (ie. standing offers and supply arrangements) such as TBIPS, TSPS, THS, PS online, PASS, Cyber Protection, Hardware and Software standing offer acquisitions. Total estimated value of these multi-year procurements: $13M
  • Departmental standing offers and contracts will be developed further to competitive processes for LAC specialized services such as audio transfer services, coaching services, translation services, various maintenance services, building repair services, etc. Total estimated value of these multi-year procurements: $4M
  • Unique and specialized sole source goods and services contracts mostly when proprietary rights are involved (up to delegation of $100K) or for the acquisition of books, historical material (up to special delegation of $150K). Total estimated value of these procurements: $2M
  • Low dollar value goods and services acquisitions either via Local purchase orders or acquisition card purchases directly by RC Managers or by CCMD. Total estimated value of these procurements: $4M
  • Approximately $3M of our anticipated additional procurement activities not covered in the above (mainly software and specialized equipment) will be processed on our behalf via PWGSC

Total anticipated procurement activities for LAC in 2011-12 = $26M

Collaboration and approvals

This procurement plan was prepared in collaboration with colleagues from our Finance Division and approved by our Procurement Review Committee members.

Additional information

Additional information can be obtained by contacting:

Anne-Josée L’Ecuyer
Contracts, Materiel Management and Business Centre
Library and Archives Canada
550 de la Cité Blvd
Gatineau, Québec
K1A 0N4
T : 819-934-4435
E :