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Response of Library and Archives Canada to the Round IX
Management Accountability Framework
Action Plan 2012—2013

Management Accountability Framework (MAF)

Questions and Answers

Management Accountability Framework

Q.1 What is the Management Accountability Framework?

A.1 Based on the vision articulated in Results for Canadians: A Management Framework for the Government of Canada, the Management Accountability Framework (MAF) is structured around 10 key elements that collectively define "management" and establish the expectations of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) for good public service management. The MAF was developed to provide senior public service managers with a specific list of management expectations within an overall framework for high organizational performance. Please refer to the TBS website for details

Q.2 What are the highlights of the TBS assessment of LAC's performance?

A.2 In 2011–2012, TBS assessed LAC's MAF performance by analyzing eight (8) separate Areas of Management (AoMs). For all of the AoMs assessed, LAC earned one (1) Strong rating (blue), five (5) Acceptable ratings (green) and two (2) Opportunity for improvement ratings (yellow).

LAC has made progress in three (3) areas in comparison with last year's assessment:

  • Effectiveness of Internal Audit Function (AoM 5) – Acceptable
  • Effectiveness of Financial Management and Control (AoM 7) – Acceptable
  • Integrated Risk Management (AoM 9) – Acceptable

While performance has worsened in one (1) area:

  • Values-based Leadership and Organizational Cuture (AoM 1) - Opportunity for improvement

Concerning the two areas that have been identified as fundamental to the mandate of the organization, LAC has retained an Acceptable rating for Information Management and an Opportunity for improvement for the Management of Security.

Q.3 Why has LAC developed an action plan for the Management Accountability Framework?

A.3 In response to this assessment, LAC has developed an action plan that focuses on all of the AoMs that need to be improved but emphasizes on the three management priorities that follow:

  • Values-based Leadership and Organizational Cuture (AoM 1)
  • Effective Management of Security (AoM 8)
  • Effectiveness of Information Management (AoM 12)

LAC is implementing this action plan to improve management across the organization.

Marc Comeau
Public Affairs
Strategic Communications
Library and Archives Canada

Mark Melanson
Senior Director General and Chief Financial Officer
Corporate Resourcing Branch
Library and Archives Canada