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Acadian church records, Volume I, 1679-1757, by Winston De Ville, 1964.
(AMICUS 4392046)

Acadian church records, Volume III, Port Royal, 1702-1721, by Milton P. Rieder Jr. and Norma Gaudet Rieder, 1977.
(AMICUS 5616527)

Acadian Church Records. Volume II, Beaubassin, 1712-1748, by Milton P. Rieder Jr. and Norma Gaudet Rieder, 1976.
(AMICUS 74037)

Acadian descendants, by Janet B. Jehn, 1972.
(AMICUS 5616525)

Acadians, by Heather Hudak, 2007.
(AMICUS 32469902)

Corrections & additions to Arsenault's Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens, by Janet B. Jehn, 1988.
(AMICUS 8968669)

De Nantes à la Louisiane : en 1785, 1600 Acadiens quittent le vieux continent, à destination de la Nouvelle-Orléans : l'histoire de l'Acadie, l'odyssée d'un peuple exilé, by Gérard-Marc Braud, 1994.
(AMICUS 14542198)

Des Acadiens déportés à Boston, en 1755 : un épisode du grand dérangement, by Pascal Poirier, 1909.
(AMICUS 6946836)

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes, by Stephen A. White, 1999.
(AMICUS 22128873)

Dictionnaire généalogique des familles des Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec, 1760-1948, by Dennis M. Boudreau, 2001.
(AMICUS 25375431)

English supplement to the Dictionnaire généalogique des familles acadiennes. part I, 1636 to 1714, by Stephen A. White, 2000.
(AMICUS 23965346)

Familles acadiennes, by Léopold Lanctôt, 1994.
(AMICUS 20895347)

Généalogie des familles acadiennes : avec documents, by Placide Gaudet. Re-edited by René Babineau, 1990.
(AMICUS 10588523)

Généalogies acadiennes, by Placide Gaudet, no date, 16 vol.
(AMICUS 32829642)

Histoire de l'Acadie, by Nicolas Landry, 2001.
(AMICUS 25514956)

Histoire des Acadiens et des Acadiennes du Nouveau-Brunswick, by Sylvain Godin, Maurice Basque, 2007.
(AMICUS 33500122)

Histoire des Acadiens, by Bona Arsenault, 2004.
(AMICUS 29969507)

Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens by Bona Arsenault, Leméac, 1978, 6 volumes.
(AMICUS 900039)

History of the Acadians, by Bona Arsenault, 1978.
(AMICUS 899870)

Index to Bona Arsenault's "Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens", by Phoebe Chauvin Morrison, 1990.
(AMICUS 11221144)

Inventaire général des sources documentaires sur les Acadiens, by Centre d'études acadiennes, 1975-1977.
(AMICUS 839845)

La colonie acadienne du Poitou, by A. Papuchon, 1908.
(AMICUS 12097920)

La France des Acadiens, by Robert Prévost, 1994.
(AMICUS 13674216)

L'Acadie : histoire des Acadiens du XVIIe siècle à nos jours, by Yves Cazaux, 1992.
(AMICUS 13380121)

L'Acadie de l'Atlantique, by Maurice Basque, Nicole Barrieau and Stéphanie Cote in collaboration with Raymond Cyr and Emmanuel Doucet, 1999.
(AMICUS 22564760)

L'Acadie des ancêtres avec la généalogie des premières familles acadiennes, by Bona Arsenault, 1955.
(AMICUS 2214117)

L'Acadie des Maritimes : études thématiques des débuts à nos jours, under the direction of Jean Daigle, 1993.
(AMICUS 13176059)

Le grand arrangement des Acadiens au Québec: notes de petite-histoire, généalogies: France, Acadie, Québec de 1625 à 1925, by Adrien Bergeron, Éditions Élysée, 1981, 8 volumes.
(AMICUS 3238068)

Les Acadiens : citoyens de l'Atlantique, by Jean-Marie Fonteneau, 2001.
(AMICUS 25938678)

Les Acadiens aux îles Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, 1758-1828 : 3 déportations, 30 années d'exil, by Michel Poirier, 1984.
(AMICUS 4819546)

Les Acadiens de l'Ile, 1720-1980, by Georges Arsenault, 1989.
(AMICUS 26938532)

Les Acadiens de Saint-Pierre & Miquelon à La Rochelle, 1767 à 1768 et 1778 à 1785 : notes de l'abbé Patrice Gallant, edited by Stephen A. White, 1977.
(AMICUS 24966)


Trials and Triumphs the story of African-Canadians, by Lawrence Hill, 1993
(AMICUS 11026001)

The African Diaspora in Canada: negotiation identity & belonging, by Wisdom Tettey and Korbla P. Puplampu, 2005
(AMICUS 32097215)

Canada and its people of African descent, by Leo W. Bertley, 1977.
(AMICUS 23169)

Blacks in deep snow: Black pioneers in Canada, by Colin A. Thomson, 1979.
(AMICUS 587461)

Anglican Church records, Niagara Falls, coloured extractions, by the Ontario Genealogical Society, Niagara Peninsula Branch, 1993.
(AMICUS 13426501)

Deportation of Negroes from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leon, by A.G. Archibald

Black heritage in Bertie Township, Welland County, by the Ontario Genealogical Society, Niagara Peninsula Branch, 1993.
(AMICUS 13426528)

Black heritage in Grantham Township, Lincoln County, by the Ontario Genealogical Society, Niagara Peninsula Branch, 1993.
(AMICUS 13426512)

A Documentary Study of the Establishment of Negroes in Nova Scotia Between the War of 1812 and the Winning of Responsible Government, by Nova Scotia Public Archives, 1948.
(AMICUS 687369)

Les Noirs du Québec, 1629-1900, by Daniel Gay, 2004.
(AMICUS 30851571)

Blacks in Canada: In Search of the Promise, by Francine Govia and Helen Lewis, 1988.
(AMICUS 8005778)

A safe haven: the story of the Black settlers of Oxford County, by Joyce A. Pettigrew, 2006.
(AMICUS 33105321)

The Black Loyalist Directory: African Americans in Exile After the American Revolution, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1996.

The Black Loyalists: the search for the promised land in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone, 1783-1870, by James Walker, 1976.
(AMICUS 17472)

Black Canadians: history, experiences, social conditions, by Joseph Mensah, 2002.
(AMICUS 27457117)

The Blacks in Canada: A study Guide, by James Walker, 1981.
(AMICUS 2106947)


Chinese-Canadians in Search of Immigrant Ancestors: Current and Potential Resources, by Janet Tomkins

Evidence of "Past Injustices", Records Relating to the Chinese Head Tax, by Ellen Scheinberg, The Archivist, volume 20, no. 2, 1994.
(AMICUS 74576)

The Records of Chinese Immigration at the National Archives of Canada, by Bennett McCardle, Canadian Ethnic Studies, volume 19, number 3.
(AMICUS 87766)

Employment, Fur Trade

Dictionnaire historique des Canadiens et des Métis français de l'Ouest, by A.G. Morice, 1912.
(AMICUS 2465626)

"Répertoire des engagements pour l'Ouest conservés dans les archives judiciaires de Montréal" by E.Z. Massicotte in Rapport de l'Archiviste de la Province de Québec, 1929-1932.
(AMICUS 3494796)

Employment, Merchant Marine

Men and ships in the Canada trade, 1660-1760: a biographical dictionary, by John Francis Bosher, Ottawa, National Historic Sites, Parks Service, Environment Canada, 1992.
(AMICUS 10686307)

Employment, Medical Personnel

Polk's dental register and directory of the United States and Canada, (various editions.)

Polk's medical register and directory of North America, Detroit, 1886-.

Dictionary of American medical biography: lives of eminent physicians of the United States and Canada, from the earliest times, by Howard A. Kelly et Walter L. Burrage, Boston, Milford House, 1971.
(AMICUS 62796)

The indomitable lady doctors, by Carlotta Hacker and Federation of Medical Women of Canada, 2001.
(AMICUS 25711153)

Family Histories

Annotated bibliography of genealogical works in Canada, by Kathleen Mennie-de Varennes, 1986-1987.
(AMICUS 6076551)

Bibliographie des ouvrages généalogiques au Québec 1980-1990, by Jacqueline Faucher-Asselin and Diane Duval, 1997.
(AMICUS 16183930)

Bibliographie des ouvrages généalogiques au Québec, 1990-2000, edited by Marcel Fournier and Micheline Perreault, 2002.
(AMICUS 27276352)

Genealogies in the Library of Congress: a bibliography, edited by Marion J. Kaminkow, 1972, 2 volumes.
(AMICUS 1286172)

A catalogue of published genealogies of Nova Scotia families, by Allan E. Marble, 1984.
(AMICUS 5719574)


Harvest of Stones: The German Settlement in Renfrew County, by Brenda Lee-Whiting, 1985.
(AMICUS 5152211)

In Search of Utopia: The Mennonites in Manitoba, by E.K. Francis, 1955.
(AMICUS 2760321)

Ottawa Germania: a History of the 19th Century Immigration and Settlement of Ottawa's German Community, by Thomas W. Carkner, 2002.
(AMICUS 27183923)

The Foreign Protestants and the Settlement of Nova Scotia, by Winthrop Bell, 1961.
(AMICUS 2451582)


A Canadian Heraldic Primer by Dr. Kevin Greaves, Heraldry Society of Canada, 2000.
(AMICUS 22962127)

An Heraldic Alphabet by J.P. Brooke-Little, 1973.
(AMICUS 2667202)

Armorial du Canada français by E.Z. Massicotte and Regis Roy, 1915-1918. 2 volumes.
(AMICUS 2783119)

Armorial Heritage in Canada of Continental European Families by Hans Dietrich Birk, 1984.
(AMICUS 4706964)

Armory and Lineages of Canada by Herbert George Todd, 1917.
(AMICUS 3583872)

Canada: Symbols of Sovereignty by C. Swan, 1977.
(AMICUS 24942)

Canadian Heraldry by Alan Beddoe, 1981.
(AMICUS 2390151)

Heralds and Ancestors by Sir Anthony Wagner, 1978.
(AMICUS 552353)

Simple Heraldry by Iain Moncreiffe and Don Pottinger, 1953.
(AMICUS 7100170)

The Art of Heraldry: Origins, Symbols, Designs by Peter Gwynn-Jones, 1998.
(AMICUS 24136583)

The Symbols of Heraldry Explained, by Heraldic Artists Ltd., 1980.
(AMICUS 2495993)

Home Children

The Golden Bridge: Young Immigrants to Canada, 1833-1939, by Marjorie Kohli, 2003.
(AMICUS 28334219)

The Little Immigrants: the Orphans Who Came to Canada (new edition), by Kenneth Bagnell, 2001.
(AMICUS 25790513)

The children's home-finder; the story of Annie MacPherson and Louisa Birt, by Lilian M. Birt, 1913.
(AMICUS 8839837)

Uprooted: The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917, by R. A. Parker, 2010.
(AMICUS 38047900)


Canada: immigration and colonization, 1841-1903, by Norman Macdonald, Toronto, 1970.
(AMICUS 13031697)

Canadian border entry lists, 1908-1918: Yukon Territory & British Columbia by Mary Kearns Trace, 1997. (Index by name to the border entry lists for Yukon and B.C. ports.)
(AMICUS 16988514)

Doukhobor ship passenger lists, 1898-1928, by Steve Lapshinoff and Jonathan Kalmakoff, 2001.
(AMICUS 25470913)

Emigrants and Empire: British Settlement in the Dominions Between the Wars, edited by Stephen Constantine, 1990.
(AMICUS 9356932)

Encylopedia of Canada's peoples, edited by Paul Robert Magocsi, 1999.
(AMICUS 19650051)

Strangers at our gates: Canadian immigration and immigration policy, 1540-1990, by Valerie Knowles, 2007.
(AMICUS 33152793)

Books that include names of immigrants

A Dictionary of Immigrants to Nova Scotia, by Leonard H. Smith, 1985.
(AMICUS 5868592)

A dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation, by Donald Whyte, Ontario Genealogical Society, 4 volumes.
(AMICUS 5499331)

Canadian Passengers Inward Bound, 1856 1858 by Mary Kearns Trace, 1997.
(AMICUS 16581643)

Index of some Passengers who Emigrated to Canada between 1817 & 1849, by John A. Acton, 2003. (Index to the lists found in the British Colonial Office 384 records.)
(AMICUS 28185702)

Names of emigrants: from the 1845 1847 records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montrea, by the Irish Research Group, Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1994.
(AMICUS 13440066)

Passengers to New Brunswick: the Custom House Records; 1833, 34, 37 & 1838, by Daniel F. Johnson, 1987.
(AMICUS 7409292)

The Lanark Society Settlers: Ships' Lists of the Glasgow Emigration Society, 1821, by Gerald J. Neville, 1995.
(AMICUS 14173982)

The McCabe List: Early Irish in the Ottawa Valley, by Bruce S. Elliott, 2002.
(AMICUS 27109555)

The People's Clearance: Highland Emigration to British North America, 1770-1815, by J. M. Bumsted, 1982.
(AMICUS 2960069)

The Silver Chief: Lord Selkirk and the Scottish Pioneers of Belfast, Baldoon and Red River, by Lucille H. Campey, 2003.
(AMICUS 28058702)

Immigration, Quebec

You can consult the Université de Montréal's PRDH Web site [] under Pioneers for background information about immigration from Old France to New France.


Engagement records from a number of sources are transcribed and indexed in the following publications:

Revue d'Histoire de l'Amérique Française (R.H.A.F.)
(AMICUS 4970466)

Volume 6, no 2, 1952, pages 177 to 233
Volume 6, no 3, 1952, pages 374 to 407
Volume 13, no 2, 1959, pages 247 to 261
Volume 13, no 3, 1959, pages 402 to 421
Volume 13, no 4, 1960, pages 550 to 561
Volume 14, no 1, 1960, pages 87 to 108
Volume 14, no 2, 1960, pages 246 to 258
Volume 14, no 3,1960, pages 430 to 440
Volume 14, no 4, 1961, pages 583 to 602
Volume 33, no 4, 1980, pages 583 to 586

Tourouvre et les Juchereau: un chapitre de l'émigration percheronne au Canada by Mme. Pierre Montagne, Québec, Société canadienne de généalogie, 1965.
(AMICUS 14833235)

Passenger lists

"La Rochelle et le Canada au XVIIe siècle" by Marcel Delafosse in Revue d'histoire de l'Amérique Française, volume 4 (1951), pages 469 to 511, 1632 to 1693.
(AMICUS 4970466)

Passagers du Saint André: la Recrue de 1659, by Archange Godbout, 2009.
(AMICUS 37376577)

"Liste des navires venus en Nouvelle France de 1657 à 1665", by Michel Langlois in l'Ancêtre (Québec), Volume 3 (1976), pages 3 to 15.
(AMICUS 130178)


Dictionnaire Biographique des Ancêtres Québécois 1608-1760 1608 1760, by Michel Langlois, 1998-2001, 4 volumes.
(AMICUS 20371155)

Nos Ancêtres, by Gérard Lebel and Jacques Saintonge, 29 volumes
(AMICUS 2385697)

Portraits de Familles Pionnières, by Robert Prévost, 1993-1997, 5 volumes.
(AMICUS 12609733)

La Contribution du Haut-Poitou au Peuplement de la Nouvelle-France, by Robert Larin, 1994.
(AMICUS 14023987)

Les Français au Québec 1765 1865, : un mouvement migratoire méconnu, by Marcel Fournier, 1995.
(AMICUS 13888218)

Les Européens au Canada des Origines à 1765, by Marcel Fournier, 1989.
(AMICUS 8830587)

De la Nouvelle-Angleterre à la Nouvelle-France: l'histoire des captifs anglo-américains au Canada entre 1665 et 1760, by Marcel Fournier, 1992
(AMICUS 11541010)

Origine des Familles Pionnières du Québec Ancien. Bibliographie et répertoire, by Marcel Fournier, 1997
(AMICUS 16963738)

Les Filles du Roi au XVIIe siècle, by Yves Landry, 1992.
(AMICUS 11402134)

Catalogue des Immigrants 1632-1662, by Marcel Trudel, 1983.
(AMICUS 3979071)


Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853 by Terrence M. Punch, 2008.
(AMICUS 33914535)

A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, by Brian Mitchell, 1986.
(AMICUS 7234276)

An Introduction to Irish Research: Irish Ancestry, a Beginner's Guide, by Bill Davis.

Finding your Irish Ancestors: A Beginner's Guide by David S. Ouimette, 2006.

Flight from Famine: the Coming of the Irish to Canada, by Donald MacKay, 1990.
(AMICUS 9431826)

Grosse Ile: Gateway to Canada 1832-1937, by Marianna O'Gallagher, 1984.
(AMICUS 4850757)

Ireland: A Genealogical Guide for North Americans, by K.J. Betit

Irish Church Records: their History, Availability and Use in Family and Local History Research, by James Ryan

Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement: Patterns, Links and Letters, by Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth, 1990.
(AMICUS 12853274)

Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach, by Bruce S. Elliott, 2004.
(AMICUS 29137139)

The Irish in Quebec: an Introduction to the Historiography, by Robert J. Grace, 1993.
(AMICUS 12553129)

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, by John Grenham, 2006.
(AMICUS 33137536)

Tracing Irish Ancestors, A Practical Guide To Irish Genealogy by Marie MacGonghail and Paul Gorry, 1997.


Birds of Passage: an Annotated Listing of Italian Immigrants who departed Palermo Sicily and arrived at the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana, 1859-1901 by Rosemary DePasquale Boykin.

Finding Italian Roots: the Complete Guide for Americans by John Philip Colletta.

Finding Records of your Ancestors. Part A, Italy, 1809 to 1910 published by the Family History Library.

From Chiaromonte to Shepard Hill: : the Story of the Italian Immigrants who settled in Walton, by Eleanor Belmont.

Italian Genealogical Records: how to use Italian Civil, Ecclesiastical & other Records in Family History Research by Trafford R. Cole.

Italian-American Genealogy: a Source Book by Priscilla Grindle DeAngelis.

Italian-Canadian Studies: a Select Bibliography compiled by Franc Sturino, 1988.
(AMICUS 7767295)

Italians of the American Northwest compiled by Charley Vingo.

Little Italies in North America edited by Robert F. Harney and J. Vincenza Scarpaci, 1981.
(AMICUS 3449011)

Our Italian Surnames by Joseph Guerin Fucilla.


Finding your Jewish Ancestors by Henry Wellisch assisted by Gert Solnik-Rogers, 2001
(AMICUS 26276276)

Discovering your Jewish Ancestors by Barbara Krasner-Khait, 2001
(AMICUS 26181906)

A Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Jewry, 1909-1914: from the Canadian Jewish Times by Lawrence F. Tapper, 1992.
(AMICUS 12663282)

Index of Jews Resident in Western Canada according to the 1870 to 1901 Censuses of Canada, by Glen Eker, 2006.
(AMICUS 32703882)

Index of Jews Resident in Newfoundland according to the Censuses of 1921, 1935 and 1945, by Glen Eker, 2005.
(AMICUS 31299252)

Index of Jews Resident in the Province of Quebec according to the 1861 to 1901 Censuses of Canada, by Glen Eker, 2004.
(AMICUS 30525052)

Index of Jews Resident in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island according to the 1861 to 1901 Censuses of Canada, by Glen Eker and Deborah Pekilis, 2004.
(AMICUS 28938341)


Justice et Justiciables: La Procédure Civile à la Prévôté de Québec, 1667-1759, by John Alexander Dickinson, 1982.
(AMICUS 3710373)

Crimes et Criminels en Nouvelle-France, by André Lachance, 1984.
(AMICUS 4605498)

La Justice Criminelle du Roi au Canada au XVIIIe siècle, by André Lachance, 1978.
(AMICUS 45040)

La Vie Libertine en Nouvelle-France au 17e siècle, by Robert-Lionel Séguin, 1972, 2 volumes.
(AMICUS 50949)


Cadastres Abrégés des Seigneuries du Bas-Canad, by Commissaires en vertu de l'Acte seigneurial de 1854, 11 volumes, 1857-1871. (This book gives the names of the land owners at the time of the abolition of the seigneurial system in 1854.)
(AMICUS 3466555)

Inventaire des Concessions en Fief et Seigneurie. Fois et Hommages et Aveux et Dénombrements Conservés aux Archives de la Province de Québec, by Pierre-Georges Roy, Beauceville, L'Eclaireur, 1927-1929. 6 volumes. (This book gives historical information on each seigneury and its owners.)
(AMICUS 3685199)

Les Débuts du Régime Seigneurial au Canada, by Marcel Trudel, 1974.
(AMICUS 1592723)

Seigneuries et Fiefs du Québec. Nomenclature et Cartographie, by Serge Courville and Serge Labrecque, 1988.
(AMICUS 9402561)

The Seigneurial System in Early Canada, a geographical study, by Richard Colebrook Harris, 1984.
(AMICUS 11768699)

Local Histories

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities, 1951-1977: A Bibliography: With Representative Trans-Canada Locations of Copies, by Barbara B. Aitken, 1978.
(AMICUS 40212)

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities, 1977-1987: A Bibliography: With Representative Cross-Canada Locations of Copies, by Barbara B. Aitken, 1989.
(AMICUS 8588556)

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities, 1987-1997: A Bibliography with Representative Cross-Canada Locations of Copies, by Barbara B. Aitken, 1999.
(AMICUS 19326099)

Aitken Local Histories 1998+, by Barbara B. Aitken, 2002.
(AMICUS 27574834)

La Province de Québec, by André Beaulieu and William F.E. Morley, 1971.
(AMICUS 5292840)

A Bibliography of Manitoba Local History: A Guide to Local and Regional Histories written about Communities in Manitoba, by Christopher Hackett, 1989.
(AMICUS 9193292)

British Columbia Local Histories: A Bibliography, by Linda L. Hale and Jean Barman, 1991.
(AMICUS 11169870)

Local Histories of Alberta: An Annotated Bibliography, by Joanna Krotki, 1983.
(AMICUS 11669619)

The Atlantic Provinces: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, by William F. E. Morley, 1967.
(AMICUS 2216776)

Ontario and the Canadian North, by William F. E. Morley, 1978.
(AMICUS 380720)

Alberta's Local Histories in the Historical Resources Library, by the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Historical Resources Library, 1989.
(AMICUS 9579888)


A Bibliography of Loyalist Source Material in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, by Gregory Palmer, 1982. 3 volumes.
(AMICUS 2222047)

Loyalist Lineages of Canada, 1783-1983, Toronto Branch, the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, 1984.
(AMICUS 4336682)

Loyalist Literature: An Annotated Bibliographic Guide to the Writings on the Loyalists of the American Revolution, by Robert S. Allen, 1982.
(AMICUS 3637170)

Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War, by Murtie June Clark, 1981, 3 volumes.
(AMICUS 2877600)

New Brunswick Loyalists: A Bicentennial Tribute, by Sharon Dubeau, 1983.
(AMICUS 3911466)

The Loyalists in Ontario: The Sons and Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada, by William D. Reid, 1973.
(AMICUS 34046)

The Loyalists of Quebec, 1774-1825: A Forgotten History, by the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, Heritage Branch Montreal, 1989.
(AMICUS 8879122)

UE Loyalists & Military Claimants of Upper Canada: Registered Warrants & Fiats, 1798-1865, by Barbaranne Wright, 2001.
(AMICUS 25309540)

Loyalist Military Settlers of Upper Canada: Registered Warrants and Fiats, volume III, by Barbaranne Wright, 2003.
(AMICUS 28290531)

Loyalist Children of Upper Canada: A Collection of Names: Source, Ontario Archives, published by Pathfinder Genealogical Services, 2000.
(AMICUS 24025601)

Military, Canada

A Military History of Canada: From Champlain to Kosovo, by Desmond Morton, 1999.
(AMICUS 21570190)

Military, French Regime

"Le Canada militaire: état provisoire des officiers de milice de 1641 à 1760" by Claude De Bonnault in Rapport de l'Archiviste de la Province de Québec pour 1949-1950 et 1950-1951. (Gives names of militia officers by rank and by parish.)
(AMICUS 3494796)

Carignan-Salière 1665-1668, by Michel Langlois, 2004.
(AMICUS 30873600)

"Les soldats de la Guerre de sept ans" in Mémoires de la Société généalogique canadienne-française, volumes 4 to 20. (Contains an incomplete list of the soldiers who participated n the Seven Years' War.)
(AMICUS 108094)

The Good Regiment: the Carignan-Salières Regiment in Canada 1665-1668, by Jack Verney, 1991.
(AMICUS 9970813)

Military, British Forces

British Army Pensioners Abroad, 1772-1899, by Norman Crowder, 1995. (Alphabetical index to the names of pensioners who settled in Canada.)
(AMICUS 14167298)

Commissioned Officers in the Medical Services of the British Army, 1660-1960, by William Johnston, 1968.

In Search of the "Forlorn Hope": a Comprehensive Guide to Locating British Regiments and their Records, by John M. Kitzmiller, 1988.
(AMICUS 8432071)

Officers of the British forces in Canada during the War of 1812-15, by L. Homfray Irving, 1908.
(AMICUS 2428123)

Roll of officers of the Corps of Royal Engineers: from 1660 to 1898, by R.E. Institute, edited by Richard Fielding Edwards, 1898.
(AMICUS 19043932)

Military, German Troops

The Hessians of Nova Scotia, by Johannes Helmut Merz, 1994.
(AMICUS 13939793)

The Hessians of Upper Canada, by Johannes Helmut Merz, 1997.
(AMICUS 16981231)

The Hessians of Quebec: German Auxiliary Soldiers of the American Revolution Remaining in Canada, by Johannes Helmut Merz, 2001.
(AMICUS 25841674)

Les mercenaires allemands au Québec du XVIIIe siècle et leur apport à la population, by Jean-Pierre Wilhelmy, 1984.
(AMICUS 4704713)

German Military Settlers in Canada after the American Revolution, by Virginia Easley DeMarce, 1984.
(AMICUS 5150047)

Military, Canadian Forces before 1914

Canadian veterans of the War of 1812, by Eric Jonasson, 1981. (This book relates only to veterans who were still alive in 1875.)
(AMICUS 2813121)

Men of Upper Canada: militia nominal rolls, 1828-1829, by Bruce S. Elliott, Dan Walker and Fawne Stratford-Devai, 1995.
(AMICUS 14175129)

Lower Canada's Militia Officers, 1812-1815, by Luc Lépine, 1996.
(AMICUS 15124185)

Officers of the British forces in Canada during the War of 1812-15, by Irving L. Homfray, 1908. (Includes Canadian militia Officers.)
(AMICUS 2428123)

Répertoire des officiers de milice du Bas-Canada, 1830-1848, by Denis Racine, 1986.
(AMICUS 6850603)

Répertoire des officiers de milice du Bas-Canada, la milice sédentaire ou non active (1846-1868), by Denis Racine, 2000. 2 volumes.
(AMICUS 6850603)

The New Brunswick Militia: 1787-1867, by David R. Facey-Crowther, 1990.
(AMICUS 10010677)

Military, South African War

Painting the Map Red: Canada and the South African War, 1899-1902, by Carman Miller, 1993.
(AMICUS 11540448)

Our Little Army in the Field: The Canadians in South Africa 1899-1902, by Brian A. Reid, 1996.
(AMICUS 14746349)

Military, First World War, General

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Also available online

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Military, First World War, Unit Histories

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Military, First World War, Corps Histories

Royal Canadian Engineers

The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers, by A. J. Kerry and W. A. McDill, Ottawa, 1962. 2 volumes.
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Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

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Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

Wait for the Wagon; the Story of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, by Arnold Warren, 1961.
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Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

The Medical Services (Official History of the Canadian Forces in the Great War, 1914-1918), by Sir Andrew MacPhail, 1925.
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Also available online

Seventy Years of Service; a History of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, by G. W. L. Nicholson, 1977.
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Royal Canadian Army Chaplain Corps

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Royal Canadian Artillery

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Canadian Machine Gun Corps

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Canadian Intelligence Corps

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Canadian Forestry Corps

The Canadian Forestry Corps; its Inception, Development and Achievements, by C. W. Bird and J. B. Davies, 1919.
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Military, First World War, Miscellaneous Units

Saga of the Cyclists in the Great War 1914-1918, by W. D. Ellis, 1965.
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With the 4th Canadian Div'l Signal Coy. C.E. on Active Service [microform], filmed by the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions, 1996.
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Military, First World War, Battles

Ypres (1915)

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The Somme (1916)

The Somme, by Anthony H. Farrar-Hockley, 1964.
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Vimy (1917)

Vimy, by Pierre Berton, 1986.
(AMICUS 6275646)

Canada and the Battle of Vimy Ridge 9 - 12 April 1917, by Brereton Greenhousand Stephen J. Harris, 1992.
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Also available online

Passchendale (1917)

They Called It Passchendale: The Story of the Third Battle of Ypres and of the Men Who Fought in it, by Lyn Macdonald, 1978.
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Amiens (1918)

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Russian Intervention (1918-1919)

Canadians in Russia, 1918-1919, by Roy MacLaren, 1976.
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Military, First World War, Medals and Citations

The Military Cross Awarded to the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915-1921, by David K. Riddle and Donald G. Mitchell, 1991.
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Military, Second World War, General

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Also available online

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Also available online

The Victory Campaign, Operations in North-West Europe 1944-1945, Volume III of the Official History of the Canadian Army in the Second World War, by Col. C.P. Stacey, 1960.
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Also available online

Military, Second World War, Royal Canadian Navy

The Naval Service of Canada, Official History Volumes I and II, by Gilbert Norman Tucker, 1952.
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Also available online

Far Distant Ships, an Official Account of Canadian Naval Operations, by Joseph Schull, 1987.
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Military, Second World War, Royal Canadian Air Force

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Parish Registers

Annuaire de l'Église catholique au Canada, 1985-.
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Guide to the Holdings of the Archives of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, by The Archivists of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, 1990.
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Guide to Family History Research in the Archival Repositories of the United Church of Canada, by Committee on Archives and History, The United Church of Canada, 1996.
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Guide des registres d'état civil et recensements du Québec: catholiques, protestants et autres dénominations, 1621-2000, by Francine Fortin, 2001. (To know if a register exists for a specific parish in the province of Quebec.)
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Finding your Polish Ancestors by Kathleen Ann LaBudie-Szakall and Jan Steven Zaleski, 2003.
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Adventurers and Exiles: The Great Scottish Exodus by Majority Harper.

Gravemarkers in Metropolitan Toronto and York Region indicating a Scottish Place of Birth by Marjorie Stuart and Jack Tyson.
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